Great News

Some Wonderful News !!!

Jacob's Family is extremely happy to announce the arrival of ~

Kiernan Reid DeMeis-Dullea

on the 21st of February 2002 (7 lbs 8 oz ~ 21 in.)

Mom and little Kiernan are doing wonderfully (and Dad, of course, is as proud as a peacock).  Jacob is also very happy to have a little brother as a full-time playmate. With Dad's birthday on Valentine's Day and Jacob's on the following day, February has been officially declared 'Party Month' in the DeMeis-Dullea household.

" On Day  3....

with Mom

and Dad 

and Big Brother ! "

Friends Always!!
August '02

"My Friend"

Merry Xmas!

BiiiiiiG Truck!

Mona Lisa Smile

Kiernan   ~  Age 3  ~  June '05

The "K-Man"

Happy Birthday K!

Kiernan's 4th Birthday
Harvard Square ~ Feb '06

K's 5th Birthday ~ Feb'07   Ziplining over Costa Rican Rainforest!!
(February '07)

What a GREAT 5th Birthday..........Zip-lining with a guide over 200 feet above a
central Costa Rican Rainforest at a max speed of 35 mph!!!

More Wonderful News!!

On Day 1   ~   June 25th, 2008

Kiernan with his New Brother ~
Roan Jacob DeMeis-Dullea
7lb 7oz   ~   21 in.

The Pumpkin

Roan the Pumpkin
Halloween '08

(April '09)
Roan ...Emerging
Thinking about Things
(or perhaps Teething)

(April '09)
Kiernan.....Party Time !

Halloween - October 2010             Halloween - Ocotober 2010

Roan  ~  Age 2
Salem, Massachusetts  -  October 2010

A Knights Templar

Kiernan at Halloween
Salem, Massachusetts  -  October 2010

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