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In addition to the Generous Contributions by Many, Many Individuals ~
The Support provided by the following Organizations, Publications & Businesses
in Jacob’s Honor has been Most Instrumental in promoting Public Awareness
in the Battle against Niemann-Pick Disease

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Palmer House Florists (Ft. Collins, CO)
'Park Shelter Safe Haven' ~ Special Needs & Disabilities
Party America (Ft. Collins, CO)
Paul's Pasta (Groton, CT)
Peter's On Bank (New London, CT)
Pfizer Newsletter 'Pipeline'
Pitcher's (Ft. Collins, CO)
Pizza Works (Mystic & Old Saybrook, CT)
Play It Again Sports (Ft. Collins, CO)
Plum Crazy (Uncasville, CT)
Pulse Fitness Club (Ft. Collins, CO)
Quaker Hill Citgo (Quaker Hill, CT)
Quaker Hill Package Store (Quaker Hill, CT)
Recovery Room Restaurant (New London, CT)
Red’s Sandwich Shop (Salem, MA)
' The Reporter' of Montgomery County (Lansdale, PA)
' Rocky Mountain News' (Denver, CO)
Roessler's (Norwich, CT)
Safeway (Ft. Collins, CO)
‘The Salem Evening News’ (Beverly, MA)
Salem Hospital ~ Davenport Wing (Salem, MA)
'The Sand Bar'~Newsletter of the New London County Bar Assoc.
Seaview Scuba (Quaker Hill, CT)
St. Joseph’s Credit Union (Salem, MA)
Sport About (Ft. Collins, CO)
Steak Loft (Mystic, CT)
Steele's Markets (Ft. Collins, CO)
Subway (Uncasville, CT)
Thames River Greenery (New London, CT)
United Beauty (Providence, RI)
Video Loft (Quaker Hill, CT)
Wal-Mart (Ft. Collins, CO)
Wilson’s Chevron Station (Peabody, MA)
   Health: Diseases and Conditions: Niemann-Pick Disease

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